Sunday, June 16, 2013

Knight Chronicles Introduction

  Yet another blog, yet another story, yet another test post!!!

 Welcome to my sci-fi version of the Random Legacy Challenge!

Eventually this page will be filled with information about the world/Universe that my founder Hunter Knight lives in, so this will remain a WIP post, lol

  Some notes:  Hunter's world/Universe is loosely based on the India caste system.  While it is possible to move up in status/Caste, it is very rare.  Most will die without ever leaving the Caste they were born into.

  Crystal is very important in this Universe, and all of their societies are dependent on it, it is their chief energy source for one.  It is the most precious thing in this Universe, and as such, is well guarded, only certain Castes have unlimited access to it, and the mining of it is super important.

   I am using the EA world Lunar Lakes as the penal colony that Hunter lives on, I have named it Lunar Landing in the story.  Penal colonies put slaves/prisoners to work mining Crystal, which is a very hazardous job, and carries a high death rate.


   Crystal grows on planets that are barely habitable.  Lunar is a harsh place to live, it has two seasons, hot and cold.  In the Summer, lethal sand storms can blow up at any time, and in the Winter, instead of sand storms, it is snow storms.

  While Law and Order does exist, they are more concerned with keeping the Crystal production flowing, which can include putting down slave riots, fending off space pirates, and killing anyone that dares to steal even the smallest Crystal, among other things.

  All marriages are arranged, either by the Emperor, or by a Council specifically chosen by the Emperor.  A Child Lottery was instituted for population control.  Each male, upon bonding, gets a child lottery ticket, the number shown, is the amount of children he is allowed to have.  Failure to comply results in instant death for him and his family, extended family included.

  All punishments are applied to all members of the family, including extended,  this is to help ensure compliance from individuals.

  List of Terms

Aloria: Nicknamed the "Playground" it is where Alorians live, a race of sex slaves.

Alorians: a race of people well known for their sexual allure and prowess, because of this, the Emperor has declared them to be used as sex slaves and or/mistresses/mandrakes for the rich and powerful. They are rarely ever allowed to marry, and only then with special permission from the Emperor himself.  They are above the slave and penal Castes, as most of them live with some measure of comfort.

Banns: a separate ceremony for couples who fall in love, usually a private affair between just the two.

Bonding Day: the day that paired couples are made known to the Public, usually there is a ceremony involved.

Battlejur: Second highest caste made up of Jurdurian males who are the elite leaders of the armies.

Battleons: Third highest caste made up of all races/species who are the warriors that make up the armies.

Council: group of people (mostly male) handpicked by the Emperor to make important decisions, most notably about the breeding program, known as Pairings to the people.

Crystal: the most important element of the Universe, in it's raw form it is very radioactive.  The energy harnessed from the Crystal powers everything, it also has medical properties, small pieces of it could be ground into a drink and used as a very strong painkiller.  On the black market, it is sold as a hallucinatory drug. (those are just 2 of it's uses)

Crystal Mining Outposts: mining colonies that produce Crystal.

Emperor: Of the Royal Caste, Ruler of the Universe, rule is passed down from father to son.

Emperor's Grace: having the Emperor's favor

Eternal Immunity: granted to members of the Emperor's family, they cannot be charged for any crimes.

Exemplary Aptitude Test: a test used only on Jurdurian males to determine their intelligence rating.  Those who score high are usually elevated into the Battlejur caste to train as leaders of the armies.  They are led by the Warlord, the male second in command to the Emperor.  This caste is the second highest level, only becoming part of the Emperor's family itself can anyone advance higher.

Juduria: planet where the Jurdians live, also where the Emperor makes his home.

Judurians: a highly intelligent, technologically advanced war like species that conquered the known Universe.  They control the Crystal.

Lunar Landing: Home of one of the largest and most profitable Crystal mining operations, it also houses a large penal colony that are used as slaves for working in the mines.

Magistrate: title of one who is charge of the Law and justice, similar to a judge.  The highest authority in a colony.

Mates: Pairings that have undergone the Bonding Day ceremony, but not the Banns.  

Mines of Kailphev: one of the most dangerous mines to work in, the worst of offenders are sent to work (and die) here.

Oasis Landing: Also known as Utopian City, it is the Imperial city of Juduria, home of the Emperor and his family.

Overseer: title of one who is charge of new arrivals at a colony, second highest authority in a colony

Pairings: Rarely based on love, these are couples determined to be suitable partners in life by either the Emperor, or by the Council.  The families are privately told of the pairings, and it is up to them to plan the Bonding Day ceremony to announce the pairing to the Public.

Proxy: a Bonding Day legal document that is sometimes allowed instead of a typical ceremony when circumstances (usually financial) arise that make it impossible or difficult for the Pairing to hold a public ceremony.  Must be approved by the Emperor or his Council.

Talins: unit of currency (money)

Unit: home/house

Utopian City: Also known as Oasis Landing, it is the Imperial city of Juduria, home of the Emperor and his family

Warlord: Privileged title of the man second in command to the Emperor, he is the leader of the the Battlejur commanders and their Battleon armies.  He is in charge of keeping the Emperor safe, the colonies/planets in line and compliant, keeping the Crystal safe, and advancing/capturing new worlds for the Jurdurian Empire.



  1. Wow! You've really gotten your lore down pat for this! It sounds really intriguing. I want to know just what other uses the Crystal has, if you've only listed two so far. That's really got me curious. As does the Emperor. Can I go ahead and admit I want to see this guy overthrown? ;P

  2. Well, I've had a year to think about some of it, lol I put the note about 2 uses of the Crystal there in case I think of anything else later, haha! :P

    Sure you can admit it, lol It's not too likely to happen though. I'm sure there will be revolts, but they will be put down---and not so nicely either.